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“Cancer, Statistics, and Coping with Uncertainty” with Lisa Murphree - Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week

April 8, 2021

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Welcome to the next episode in The Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week Series of This Exceptional Journey Podcast!! 

This week on the podcast, you will hear the personal journeys of young adult cancer patients, survivors, and thrivers whose stories I'm sure will touch your heart. My hope is that these amazing people inspire, empower and ignite you to go out there and live life fully despite what hand you are dealt.

In this episode of the podcast, you will meet Lisa Murphree, a member of Young Adult Survivors United (YASU), who thought that if she did all the right things - exercise, eat right, manage her stress, and don't smoke - that it would minimize her risk for developing an illness like cancer. We discuss how despite the statistics and the uncertainty of her future she chooses daily to have faith that the "rest of the staircase" is there and gives us the courage to move ahead!

Let's dive in!


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